<h1 class="bold-32px"><span class="_6d64e3">Send Mailchimp data to any database </span>without writing a single line of code</h1>

Tracking Mailchimp email campaign data got easier with Boltic’s Mailchimp as an integration. Easily ETL Mailchimp data and send reports to any destination automatically.

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How it works

<h1 class="bold-32px">Quick set-up and <span class="_6d64e3">no installation required</span></h1>

Boltic supports Mailchimp as a source and allows users to create reports from audience data as well as campaign data. Create easy ETL pipelines, analyze and send data to any destination for better marketing insights.

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Step 1:
Select Mailchimp as Source
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Step 2:
Enter the Mailchimp configuration details
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Step 3:
Add transformation to create user reports
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Step 4:
Select a destination and automate
How it works

<h1 class="bold-32px">Experience the fastest way to <span class="_6d64e3">Analyze and ETL marketing data</span></h1>

Connecting Mailchimp data with Boltic is easy and creating ETL pipelines is a simple 3-step process. Integrate, Transform, and Load to a desired destination.

ETL campaign data
Boltic’s Mailchimp as a source allows users to ETL marketing campaign data. Users can easily send their marketing data to any data warehouse with enhanced quality.
Enhanced marketing analytics
Boltic gives users the flexibility to send Mailchimp data to a data warehouse or analytics tool. Data with better formatting makes analytics enhanced and easier.
Transparent data flow
Get granular visibility into the entire data flowing through the bolts created. Easily view sample audience data, as the transferred data flow from Mailchimp to any data warehouse.
Popular use case

<h1 class="bold-32px">Transform integrated Mailchimp data and <span class="_6d64e3">increase data quality for better marketing analytics</span></h1>

Boltic supports not just connecting Mailchimp data to other databases but also helps to enrich and format it with in-built no-code transformations. Format your data on the fly and send it to any analytics platform easily.

Centralize Mailchimp audience data
Move data from Mailchimp to any warehouse to create a central view

Why use Boltic?

Boltic offers a no-code platform that saves time and effort to explore data from any source. Easily integrate data from any source, add more values to it and send the transformed data to any destination

Time Saving

Save time from coding with Boltic’s no-code integration and automated schema generation.

Enterprise-grade Security

Boltic ensures end-to-end data encryption and allows users to audit usage data within the created workspace.

Cost Saving

Pay for one super platform and get access to Data Operations, Integration, Analytics, & Governance.

Better Insights

Enhance data with Boltic’s No-code transformation or use custom scripts for advance data analytics.
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Expand your data pipeline horizons

Explore more ways to bring insights into business and make data-driven decisions with Boltic’s powerful automated pipelines. Connect any two sources and empower data to drive business decisions

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Do we need to write codes to integrate Mailchimp as Integration in Boltic?

Boltic has a list of pre-built integrations that do not require coding. You can select Mailchimp from the list of integrations and configure your data by entering the relevant information.

What all information is needed to integrate Mailchimp data in Boltic?

You can connect your data using the username and API key.

Does Boltic support real-time data streaming from Mailchimp to the data warehouse?

Boltic allows you to add schedules to your created pipelines which updates data at particular intervals.

What all Mailchimp data can be integrated into Boltic?

You can add account and campaign data to Boltic from any list in your integrated Mailchimp account.

Do I need to pay extra to use Mailchimp Integrations?

No, there are no extra charges.

How does the Mailchimp integration in Boltic benefit my email marketing efforts?

By integrating Mailchimp with Boltic, you gain centralized control and management your contacts, create targeted email lists and track campaign performance.