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Send REST API data reports on Gmail

Simplify daily report delivery and enhance Email communication with Boltic's Gmail integration. Integrate Rest API data, create reports and send them to stakeholder's Emails IDs

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How it works

<h1 class="bold-32px"><span class="_6d64e3">Effortless integration </span> and reporting</h1>

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Connect Boltic to REST API with authentication
Authenticate your REST API source in just one click, no coding is required
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Retrieve and Transform REST API Data
Easily create reports on extracted data with no code and advanced transformations
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Attach the account and send files

Connect your personal Gmail account and send reports

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Email template customization

Use a predefined email template to create required email formats


<h1 class="bold-32px">Why use Boltic to<span class="_6d64e3"> send RESTAPI data on Gmail?</span></h1>

Gmail lets you send your source data from your personal Gmail account to various recipients with a single sign-on. Use email templates to send data in a define, consistent and presentation-friendly format.

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Popular Use Cases

Top 3 Bolts using RestAPI as source

Bolt recipes to help you easily get started and make your day to day worklife easier

Real-time Data Alerts and Monitoring

Stay informed about critical data changes or anomalies in real-time. Enable proactive decision-making and prompt actions based on real-time data insights, improving operational efficiency and minimizing potential risks or issues

Workflow Collaboration and Task Management

Improve team productivity and coordination by keeping everyone informed about task assignments, updates, and deadlines. Ensure seamless collaboration and effective task management, reducing the risk of miscommunication or missed deadlines

Data security and reliability

Ensure data security and reliability by having a backup copy stored in Gmail. Simplify the data archival process and have a centralized location for data retrieval when needed, providing peace of mind and meeting compliance requirements

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Expand your data pipeline horizons

Explore more ways to bring insights into business and make data-driven decisions with Boltic’s powerful automated pipelines. Connect any two sources and empower data to drive business decisions

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How does Rest API to Gmail integration work?

Rest API to Gmail integration works by establishing a connection between the Rest API and Gmail, enabling the automated transfer of data from the API to Gmail. This is achieved through configuring API triggers, data retrieval settings, email templates, and recipient management within an integration platform like Boltic.
Can I send data from multiple Rest API sources to different Gmail accounts?
Yes, with the right integration solution, you can send data from multiple Rest API sources to different Gmail accounts. The integration platform allows you to configure and manage multiple data sources and specify the respective Gmail accounts for data delivery.
What types of data can be sent from Rest API to Gmail?
Rest API can send various types of data to Gmail, including text-based information, structured data, HTML content, attachments, and dynamically generated reports. The specific data format and content depend on the integration setup and your requirements.
Is Rest API to Gmail integration secure?
Yes, Rest API to Gmail integration can be secure when implemented using a reliable integration platform that ensures encryption, data protection, and adherence to security best practices. It's important to choose a solution that prioritizes data security and provides secure authentication methods.
Can I schedule automated email deliveries from Rest API to Gmail?
Absolutely! Rest API to Gmail integration allows you to schedule automated email deliveries based on your preferred frequency and timing. You can configure the integration platform to retrieve data from the API at specified intervals and automatically send it to Gmail recipients.
Can I customize the email templates sent from Rest API to Gmail?
Yes, most integration platforms provide the flexibility to customize email templates. You can define the layout, formatting, styling, and content of the emails sent from Rest API to Gmail. This allows you to tailor the emails to match your brand identity and present the data in a consistent, visually appealing format.

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