Enhance sales with REST API to Freshsales ETL

Bridge the gap between REST API and Freshsales CRM, empower your business to streamline processes, boost sales efficiency, and supercharge customer engagement

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How it works

<h1 class="bold-32px">Extract from API, <span class="_6d64e3">load into Freshsales</span></h1>

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Connect Boltic to REST API and authenticate
Authenticate your REST API source in just one click, no coding is required
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Retrieve and Transform REST API Data
Easily extract the required data using transformations
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Connect and authenticate Freshsales account

Connect your Freshsales account and format of data

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Create a contact or account

Either create contacts or accounts in Freshsales using extracted data


<h1 class="bold-32px">Why use Boltic to <span class="_6d64e3">send RESTAPI data on Freshsales?</span></h1>

Supercharge your Freshsales experience with Boltic – effortlessly integrate REST API data for accurate insights and streamlined sales, all in one place

Popular Use Cases

Top 3 Bolts using RestAPI as source

Bolt recipes to help you easily get started and make your day to day worklife easier

Enhanced Lead Management

Swiftly convert leads by having comprehensive insights from data integrated directly using REST API into Freshsales, allowing your sales team to make informed decisions faster

Personalized Engagement

Leverage data in Freshsales in near real-time using APIs to tailor your communication and engagements, creating a more personalized and meaningful customer experience

Cross-functional Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration between sales, marketing, and customer support by centralizing data within Freshsales, enabling teams to work with consistent information

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Expand your data pipeline horizons

Explore more ways to bring insights into business and make data-driven decisions with Boltic’s powerful automated pipelines. Connect any two sources and empower data to drive business decisions

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Why should I use Boltic for integrating REST API data into Freshsales?

Boltic simplifies data management by eliminating manual entry, improving accuracy, and enabling real-time updates. It enhances your sales process, provides insights for strategic decisions, and offers a competitive edge.
Can I integrate data from multiple REST APIs?
Yes, Boltic supports integrating data from multiple APIs, allowing you to centralize information from various sources into Freshsales.
Can I customize the data mapping and transformation process?
Yes, Boltic provides flexible data mapping and transformation options. You can tailor how data is mapped from your REST API to match the fields and format required in Freshsales.
Does Boltic provide real-time synchronization between the REST API and Freshsales?
Yes, Boltic offers real-time or near-real-time synchronization options, ensuring that your Freshsales data reflects the most recent information from your REST API.
Can I monitor the integration's performance and status?
Yes, Boltic often provides monitoring tools or dashboards that allow you to track the status and performance of the integration, ensuring data flows smoothly between the REST API and Freshsales.
What's the process if I want to make changes to the integration after it's set up?
You can typically modify the integration settings through integration overview page easily on your own without any help from support team.