Automate workflows

<h1 class="bold-36px">Create  <span class="_6d64e3">automated visual Bolts </span>& streamline your path to insights </h1>

Connect all your tools 10x faster with Boltic workflows. Add unlimited number of steps to your visual workflows, scale as per your needs and automate your tasks within minutes.

Power of automation in Boltic?

<h1 class="bold-32px">Focus on work that matters more, <span class="_6d64e3">automate everything else on Boltic</span></h1>

Bolts allows users to do more with less code. From adding multiple steps to customising the triggers, everything can be achieved with a few clicks

<h1 class="bold-32px">Add multiple steps <span class="_6d64e3">to one Bolt</span></h1>

Boltic allows users to add more than one activity to one workflow. This helps to customise the workflow path and send exactly whats needed

Flexible data processing

Send reports at the right time by adding customizable triggers to the bolt.

No dependencies

Creating workflows will reduce the dependencies of executing data pipelines manually.

Ease of usage

Building complex workflows also gets easier with Boltic’s visual workflow builder.

<h1 class="bold-32px">Customise <span class="_6d64e3">automation schedules</span></h1>

Boltic’s scheduler has pre-defined time and date options. Users also get option to customise date and time options to make automation more effective

No delay in reports

Send reports exactly when needed using a custom date and time from the pre-built calendar.

Flexibility to work

Automate the Bolt execution time as and when required with Boltic’s hourly, daily, monthly and custom schedules.

No code required

Specifying schedules to Bolts doesn’t require any code. Simply select a date and time to automate daily reports.

<h1 class="bold-32px">Integrate with your<span class="_6d64e3">existing stack</span></h1>

Boltic has 100+ prebuilt integrations to help users connect with their own tech stack without writing any codes.

Automate data inflow

Pull data from any source and automate the process by adding a scheduler to the connected source.

No limit on data volume

Boltic empower users to effortlessly scale operations to meet evolving business demands.

Enhanced data decision

Prebuilt integrations help users to concentrate on strategic tasks instead of technical hurdles.

Use cases

<h1 class="bold-32px">Feel the power of <span class="_6d64e3">automation</span></h1>

Automate daily repetitive task and focus on work that matters more. Send data to the right person exactly when required with Boltic’s powerful scheduler

Empower data analytics with automation
Bridge data from Google Sheets to BigQuery and visualize insights on Geckoboard for better business decision making.
Automate Slack alerts
With Boltic’s automated workflows, you can act swiftly, engage personally, and revive sales effectively- all in one place.
Capture visitors via webhook
Streamline capturing visitors data, drafting and sending emails-all through a single integrated platform with updates on Slack

Boltic has saved me countless hours of development work with the power of No-Code data operations and visual editor. I have used Boltic to connect data to Jira dashboards with the help of APIs. The feature that I use more often is Boltic’s Email as destination, it gives me so many options to format the way reports look when they are shared via Email”

Amit Jadav
Data Analyst
Fynd Platform

“Boltic helped us to activate location visibility across seller for internal team. We also made a daily requirement to run database queries automatically for scheduled interval of time. Slack Alert feature has also been very useful for our team, we used it to send messages to help us stay updated”

Nayan Lathiya
Product Manager
Open API

“Boltic is extremely user friendly that made it easier for me to add new integrations and manage existing ones. I can customise the payload when using REST API as destination to push data to multiple widgets in Geckoboard which is a best time saver. This functionality was challenging for us at first, but now it works seamlessly and makes our analytics effective”

Mayank Malviya
Product Analyst

“Our developers love Boltic because of its simple and flexible user interface. My team uses Boltic to make data ready for analytics with its powerful transformations and send it from BigQuery to any datasource. I have also connected my Slack workspace with Boltic to send automated daily reports to our team’s channel”

Piyush Ranjan
Technical Program Manager

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How do I create a new workflow on Boltic?

To create a new workflow, simply click on the "Create Workflow" button, then drag and drop elements from the toolbox onto the canvas to design your workflow visually.

Can I integrate external tools or apps into my workflows?

Yes, our platform supports integration with various external tools and apps. You can seamlessly connect them to your workflows to automate processes and streamline tasks.

Is it possible to collaborate with team members on a workflow?

Absolutely! Our platform offers collaboration, allowing multiple team members to work together on the same workflow. You can see changes made by others instantly.

Can I track the performance and status of my workflows?

Yes, you can monitor the performance and execution of your workflows through detailed dashboards. Get insights into completion rates, bottlenecks, and more to optimize your processes.

Are there templates available to help me get started with common workflows?

Yes, we provide a library of templates for various use cases and industries. You can choose from these templates and customize them to suit your specific needs, saving time and effort in setting up your workflows.