Make analytics effective with better business insights

Bridge data from Google Sheets to BigQuery and visualize insights on Geckoboard. Automated workflows empower you to achieve multiple goals simultaneously, driving efficiency, unlocking valuable insights, and fueling your path to growth.

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Fetch, Filter, Warehouse and Analyze data—all in one place

Connecting Google Sheets to BigQuery allows users to create or update new tables. This empowers users to further analyze data by connecting BigQuery with Geckoboard.

Source: Add Google Sheets as a starting point/ source
Trigger: New rows added in a spreadsheet
Destination: Send data to BigQuery
Action: Choose widget templates
Destination: Visualize final data on Geckoboard

Empower data analytics with automation

Send data to Geckoboard from Google Sheets on real-time basis with the help of Boltic workflows. Make analytics effective with better business insights.


Powering seamless integrations to automate repetitive tasks

Offering a comprehensive view of how different tools can come together to create a streamlined and efficient process with its unique capabilities.

About Google Sheets:

Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet tool within Google Drive, enabling real-time collaboration and access from any device, ideal for data tracking and analysis.

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Excel is a spreadsheet tool known for data analysis and complex calculations

Airtable combines features of spreadsheet with the capabilities of a database

About BigQuery:

BigQuery is a serverless data warehouse from Google Cloud, offering fast SQL queries and scalable analytics on large datasets without infrastructure management.

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About Geckoboard:

Geckoboard is a real-time dashboard tool that visualizes key performance indicators and metrics for quick decision-making and insight.

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How do I connect Google Sheets to BigQuery for data analysis?

You can connect Google Sheets to BigQuery by using Boltic. This service allows you to schedule and automate the transfer of data from Google Sheets into BigQuery for analysis.
Can I schedule regular updates of Google Sheets data into BigQuery?

Yes, with Boltic, you can set up scheduled transfers to automatically update your BigQuery datasets with the latest data from Google Sheets at regular intervals.
What types of data from Google Sheets can be transferred to BigQuery?

You can transfer various types of data stored in Google Sheets, including text, numbers, dates, and formulas, to BigQuery. This allows you to analyze a wide range of data sources in your BigQuery projects
Can I perform advanced analytics on Google Sheets data stored in BigQuery?
Yes, once your Google Sheets data is transferred to BigQuery, you can leverage BigQuery's powerful analytical capabilities to perform complex queries, data transformations, and machine learning tasks on your data for deeper insights and analysis. Or you can use Boltic's advance query feature to analyze your GoogleSheet data directly.
Can we directly send data from Boltic to Geckoboard widegets?
Yes, Boltic has a pre-built destination of Geckoboard. You can easily connect your Geckoboard with Boltic and send data to Geckoboard widgets with the help of pre-built script templates that help you format data according to the widget you choose.