Never miss a cart abandonment with Boltic workflows

Get instant alerts on Slack for abandoned carts older than two days. With Boltic’s automated workflows, you can act swiftly, engage personally, and revive sales effectively- all in one place.

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Connect Fynd Platform for instant Slack Alerts

Ingest platform data with predefined formulas to receive cart abandonment alerts on Slack. Explore endless possibilities with Boltic's automated workflows.

Source: Add Fynd Platform as a starting point/ source
Action: Cart is left abandoned for 2days
Destination: Alert on Slack
Action: Choose templates to send reminders to customer
Destination: Endless possibilities (Email or SMS Apps)

Recover lost revenue with automated cart abandonment alerts

Link Fynd Platform to Slack for custom cart abandonment alerts and maximize sales potential by using that data further to notify customers to complete their orders.


Powering seamless integrations to automate repetitive tasks

Offering a comprehensive view of how different tools can come together to create a streamlined and efficient process with its unique capabilities.

About Fynd Platform:

Fynd Platform simplifies the process of setting up an online store, offering an easy-to-use solution for retailers to establish their digital presence. Connect your Fynd Platform to fetch your website’s cart data.

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Shopify lets you create, manage, and scale online stores

BigCommerce provides with tools to build and manage online stores

About Slack:

A messaging platform commonly used in workplaces for communication and collaboration. It allows teams to communicate in real-time through channels, direct messages, and file sharing. Customise how you want to receive alerts on Slack- channels or direct messages.

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About Email by Boltic:

Email by Boltic as a destination allows you to send personalized email reports/results to recipients in HTML and text formats. Use pre-built templates or customise how you want to send emails to your customers.

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Expand your data pipeline horizons

Empower the innovative and transformative capabilities of the Fynd Platform, especially in automating and enhancing user engagement through targeted actions and analytics

Fynd Platform - BigQuery - Mailmodo

Fynd Platform - Geckoboard

Fynd Platform - Google Sheets

Fynd Platform - BigQuery - Mailmodo

Utilize Boltic for customer segmentation, save the segmented data in BigQuery for central access, and seamlessly send targeted emails using Mailmodo

Fynd Platform - Geckoboard

Customize dashboards based on user behaviour to take better business decision and improve user experience

Fynd Platform - Google Sheets

Automatically update spreadsheets whenever there is any order update on your website created on Fynd Platform

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How do I set up the Fynd Platform integration with Boltic workflows?
To integrate Fynd Platform with Boltic workflows, you'll need to connect your Fynd Platform account as a data source within Boltic. Once connected, you can set up predefined formulas or triggers to capture cart abandonment events and send alerts to Slack automatically.
Can I customize the alerts sent to Slack for abandoned carts?
Yes, you can customize the alerts according to your preferences. Boltic's automated workflows allow you to choose templates or define custom messages to be sent as Slack notifications when carts are abandoned.
Is it possible to integrate other communication channels besides Slack for receiving alerts?
Yes, Boltic supports other communication channels like- Gmail, Email by Boltic, Slack, etc. Furthermore, Boltic supports connecting two platforms through webhooks also.
Does Boltic offer support for sending personalized emails to customers as part of the cart abandonment recovery process?
Yes, Boltic's Email feature enables you to send personalized emails to customers who have abandoned their carts. You can utilize pre-built templates or customize the content of the emails to suit your brand's voice and messaging.
Is there a limit to the number of cart abandonment alerts that can be sent through Boltic workflows?
Boltic's automated workflows are designed to handle a high volume of events efficiently. There is no preset limit to the number of cart abandonment alerts that can be generated, allowing you to scale your efforts according to your business needs.