<h1 class="bold-32px">Load Athena data to Boltic and <span class="_6d64e3">ETL extracted data with ease</span></h1>

Connecting Athena data directly to a data warehouse improves its ability to query and generate personalized reports based on various business line or requirement

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How it works

<h1 class="bold-32px">One click setup,  <span class="_6d64e3"> no installation required</span></h1>

Boltic supports integrating Athena as a source to fetch data and allow users to create a Bolt that contains a sequence of actions such as data transformation, building ETL pipelines, automating pipelines and sending the final result to the desired destination

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Step 1:
Select Athena as Source
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Step 2:
Enter the configuration details
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Step 3:
Add transformation to create reports
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Step 4:
Select a destination and automate
How it works

<h1 class="bold-32px"><span class="_6d64e3">Uninterrupted data flow</span> from Athena to any data warehouse</h1>

Boltic gives users an interface to connect Athena data and makes it easier to work with S3 data store in Athena database

Speeds up queries
Boltic allows user to connect data from Athena and gives an SQL interface. This helps to write sql queries easily and makes data exploration fasters than ever.
Analyze unstructured S3 data
Athena integration makes it easier to analyze and ETL the unstructured and raw data stored in S3 bucket of any organization.
Transparent data flow
Get granular visibility into entire data flow through the bolts created. Easily view sample data , as the data flows from Athena database into any data warehouse.
Popular use case

<h1 class="bold-32px">Query Athena data and load it to any data warehouse <span class="_6d64e3">without any infrastructure setup </span></h1>

Boltic supports hassle-free Athena data integration. Instantly extract data from database and load it to any data warehouse without writing any codes on real-time. Boltic ensures that analytics workflows have accurate data

Querying Athena data got easier
Connect Athena database to Boltic and easily query with help of auto generate schema.

Why use Boltic?

Boltic offers a no-code platform that saves time and effort to explore data from any source. Easily integrate data from any source, add more values to it and send the transformed data to any destination

Time Saving

Save time from coding with Boltic’s no-code integration and automated schema generation.

Enterprise-grade Security

Boltic ensures end-to-end data encryption and allows users to audit usage data within the created workspace.

Cost Saving

Pay for one super platform and get access to Data Operations, Integration, Analytics, & Governance.

Better Insights

Enhance data with Boltic’s No-code transformation or use custom scripts for advance data analytics.
Discover More

Expand your data pipeline horizons

Explore more ways to bring insights into business and make data-driven decisions with Boltic’s powerful automated pipelines. Connect any two sources and empower data to drive business decisions

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Do we need to write codes to integrate Athena as Integration in Boltic?

No, Boltic has a list of pre-built integrations which does not require any sort of coding. You can simply select Athena from the list of integrations and configure your data by entering the relevant informations

What all informations are needed to integrate Athena data in Boltic?

You can connect your data using either of the two methods available: SSH or Username and Password

Does Boltic support real-time data streaming from Athena to data warehouse?

Boltic allows you to add schedules to your created pipelines which updates data at particular intervals

Do I need to manually map schemas while connecting Athena to BigQuery?

No, Boltic automatically maps schema while connecting data to destination which can be un-mapped if required and mapped manually accordingly

Do I need to pay extra to use Athena Integrations?

No, there is no extra charges required to pay

Can we automate the process of fetching data from Athena?

Yes, you can schedule your Athena integration to fetch data automatically at particular interval of time