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Getting Started

A Bolt is a data pipeline that encompasses a series of steps through which data moves from a Source to a Destination, and along the way, data gets transformed.

You can create a bolt in just three simple steps:

  1. Add Integration and create a dataset
  2. Apply Transformation on the created dataset
  3. Move the transformed dataset to a Destination That's all; your bolt is ready to run!

Below we have comprehended the steps in more detail:

1. Add Integration

Connect your data source to Bolt either by selecting an existing Integration or adding a new Integration.


Create Dataset

You can create Datasets by writing queries in the query mode or using the visual mode to build native queries without coding.

create a dataset

2. Apply Transformation

Apply a series of different transformations to the data.

apply a transformation

3. Send Data to Destination

Send transformed data to a preferred destination.


This shall help you in executing your use cases and save your valuable time and resources.

Any Question?

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