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Boltic has a robust Scheduler that runs a scheduled bolt automatically at pre-defined time intervals. You can schedule a bolt to run it - Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Weekly, a Specific Date. Let us see how to schedule a bolt-


You can not add a scheduler if the destination type is 'Files' i.e. CSV, JSON, Excel.

Steps to Schedule a Bolt

Step 1: Add a Schedule

  • Hover your mouse to the right side of the bolt creation page, click on the Schedule icon, and then Add a Schedule
Add Schedule

Step 2: Schedule Frequency

  • When you click on the Add a Schedule button, the Added Scheduler dialogue box gets displayed
  • Select the frequency at which you want to load the data to a destination and enter values for the other fields.

The following are the schedules that the Scheduler supports:

Schedule Type
Specific Date


Hourly schedule sinks data to a destination according to a time which is based on the value that you set in Repeat Every field

Hourly Schedule


Daily Schedule sinks data to destination every n hour and minutes.

Daily Schedule


Weekly schedule sinks data to a destination on a particular day or days of the week. Required to select the day or days, and time in hours and minutes.

Weekly Schedule


The Monthly schedule sinks data to a destination as per the defined day of the month, hour and minutes.

Monthly Schedule

Specific Date

Unlike recurring schedules, the Specific Date schedule allows you to define a specific date for sinking data to a destination. Required to select the date, hour and minutes.

Specific Date Schedule

Advanced Options

For Hourly, Daily, and Monthly schedules you can avail of the following advanced options-

  • Start Date - The date that a particular schedule has to start executing

  • End Date - The date that the schedule must stop executing NB - When a schedule has no end date specified, it runs indefinitely

Step 3: Save Schedule

Save Schedule

Click the Save Schedule button to save the Schedule. To add the schedule successfully make sure you save the bolt as well.

Add Multiple Schedule

Click on the Add New to run the same bolt for a different time. For example, if you want to run the data to a destination once every Sunday but at a different time, you can set more than one schedule at the same time.


Boltic's Scheduler doesn't support time zone settings. It always supports Asia/Kolkata.

Publish Bolt

Click the Publish button to save the Bolt journey

Publish Bolt

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