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Welcome to Boltic User Guide.

This guide will help you to get started with Boltic. Here you can find answers to all your queries, walk-through videos, basic concepts, and the common operations that you can follow while using our product. With our release notes, we promise to keep you up-to-date with our latest features, resolved bugs (no matter how small or big they may be), and other useful resources.

What's Boltic?

Boltic is a low code/no-code big data ops product for all businesses. It helps users solve complex data problems, automate workflows, and build and share reports at scale by connecting data from multiple sources, transforming it, and sending it to desired destinations.

Why We Built Boltic?

The primary reason to build Boltic is to bring data from several data sources and load it to the desired destination with transformations, automate workflow, and improve collaboration and unification across the teams.

Other significant reasons that have encouraged our team to push out of the limits and create Boltic are-

  • Every business is becoming a digital business
  • Data to Action is a multi-product journey
  • Enterprise tools are too expensive for 99% of businesses

Who can use Boltic?

Boltic is designed to be effortless for everyone. You can use Boltic if you want your data to act in a meaningful and actionable way.

UserPrime Benefit
DevelopersTo Deliver more with less code
Business Analysts/Non-developersFor Self-service Data Exploration
OrganizationsTo Improve Organization’s Efficiency & Reduce Cost

Key Highlights of Boltic

  • Connects with different data sources
  • Creates a self-service ecosystem by reducing dependencies
  • Allows collaboration with other teammates
  • Saves time and improves productivity
  • Helps in generating valuable business insights
  • A robust governance & security layer

Any Question?

We are always an email away to help you resolve your queries. If you need any help, write to us at - 📧